Tripura: Bru migrants write to CM, want resettlement process expedited

Mizoram Pro Migrants, who are resettled in Tripura, wrote to Prime Minister Dr Manik Saha on Wednesday asking for an acceleration of the resettlement process and settlement of cash benefits and relief fees suspended since the past six months.

In a letter to CM Saha through the Kanchanpur Sub-division Judge, a delegation from the Mizoram Pro Displaced Persons Forum (MBDPF), Bru Displayed Youth Association (BDYA), Bru Displaced Welfare Organization (BDWO), and Bru Tribal Development Society (BTDS) said. The ongoing resettlement process is “extremely slow, vague and not up to par.”

While the Prime Minister urged a solution to the resettlement of Pro migrants as envisaged in the quadripartite agreement signed between the Government of India and the governments of Tripura and Mizoram states and the Muhajirs, the Pro Migrants now also said that the current resettlement system “needs to be revised and changed to speed up the process to avoid delays and unforeseen complications.” necessary.”

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Immigrants sought the Prime Minister’s intervention to withdraw cash benefits, which are allegedly suspended from January of this year, support items such as blankets, mosquito nets, shabal, Lifebuoy soap, ration arrears for October 2019 and support for 13-month rations suspended.

As part of a Rs 600 crore package announced to resettle them in Tripura permanently, the Pro migrants are being resettled at 15 locations across six districts of the state. As per government guidelines, support for families selected to undergo conversion to resettlement colonies is being discontinued at the ongoing stage.

However, the immigrants had earlier objected, saying that the benefits of the resettlement package were not granted to all families together, leaving many without care, even though they had not yet moved to the colonies.

An immigrant leader in Pro said that about 453 immigrant families “were excluded due to technical errors, spelling errors, or mismatches in the name of the ration card holder or guardians,” and said they should be re-listed to receive the resettlement package benefits.

The migrants also asked the government to issue resettlement packages in a timely manner to families who had already settled in the various resettlement sites.

“Resettlement packages, such as the financial assistance to build the house and the sum of Rs 5,000 per month provided to the selected families, have been delayed all the time,” Bruno Micha and other immigrant leaders wrote in their letter.

They also demanded the immediate release of rice rations for June, and said that the current month’s supplies were delayed even though the ration is usually issued on or before the first week of each month.

Among other demands before the Cabinet, the migrants sought to immediately start the resettlement process at four sites – Achapara, Hisachira, Naboguipara and Khakshanbara – apart from agreeing to two other proposed resettlement sites in Bikramguipara and Nandirampara villages.

Earlier in April this year, Pro Migrants wrote to Federal Home Minister Amit Shah and said 90 per cent of the resettlement process is on hold due to the state government’s “neglect and delay attitude”.

Nearly 37,000 Bru migrants fled inter-ethnic clashes in Mizoram in 1997 and were housed in six relief camps in the North Tripura district. Nearly 5,000 people returned in nine stages of repatriation, but about the same number fled in renewed clashes in 2009 and reached Tripura.

Twenty-three years after this protracted displacement, which has become the largest internal displacement in Northeast India to date, an agreement was signed on January 16, 2020 for their permanent resettlement. The agreement came two years after another in June 2018 that sought to return them to Mizoram, which the migrants rejected saying they had not been “properly consulted” about.

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