Tribal Affairs Minister, BJP state vice-prez face ire of protesters in West Tripura, MP Tripura holds TIPRA Motha chief responsible

Hours after Tribal Affairs Minister Rampada Jamatia and BJP deputy state chief Patal Kanya Jamatia came under attack in the triple-gamboigala district of West Tripura district Thursday, the Lok Sabha and senior BJP leader Ripati Tripura Pradiot Kishore Manekia Diparma, the chief of the Progressive Tibraha Indigenous Peoples Alliance, accused the Regional Council (TIPRA or TIPRA Motha) governing Tripura Tribal Autonomous Regions Council (TTAADC), for trying to incite ethnic riots for political purposes and said complaints would be filed against anyone violating law and order.

MP Tripura told reporters at the BJP headquarters in Agartala that Pradyoth Kishore is behaving aggressively and urging his supporters to violence. He said Chief Tebra was responsible for the attack on Rampada Jamatia and Patal Kanya Jamatiya Thursday, accusing the royal family scion of fomenting ethnic riots between tribes, non-tribes and various tribal sects.

However, Tripura denied that any threats had been made to Pradyut Kishore and said, “Over the past few days, Tebra has caused unrest in various parts of the state. I heard an audio clip on social media where Pradyoth Kishore was saying that I had threatened to put him under house arrest at the royal palace. This is absolutely baseless. I have never said anything like that anywhere.”

Earlier in the day, the minister and BJP leader were on their way to Takargala where they were allegedly attacked by supporters of Tebra Motha. Patal Kanya’s car was damaged and a security officer was also injured. No case has been filed until the latest reports.

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BJP sources said the matter was reported to Chief Minister Dr Manek Saha and the Director General of Police (DGP).

A senior police officer told that a group of people, mostly women, blocked the road and raised slogans against Patal Kania Jamatia at Champakangar-Jampwegala-Pridhbazar junction and attacked the vehicles in which Patal Kania Jamatia and Minister Rampada Jamatia were traveling when their convoy reached the spot around It’s 3 pm. “Two vehicles were damaged in the operation and two people were injured. The commanders were taken to the nearby Tripura State (TSR) Rifle Camp for some time and the mob dispersed,” adding that a case would be registered about the incident.

The incident came two days after an alleged attack on a Tripura procession in Taido Bazar, South Tripura district, by supporters of Tibra Motha. The protesters raised slogans of “Patal Kania Return”, even though there was no Patal Kania Jamatia in place. And frustrated security officers of the deputy escalation of the situation.

A group of people later tried to protest Patal Kania Jamatia over allegations that she had been paid for fighting the legal case against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), but later joined the BJP, which brought the legislation in the first place. The police dispersed the crowd, in which a number of demonstrators, including women, were injured.

This has followed a series of vitriol between MP and TIPRA Prime Minister Pradiot Kishore in the past 48 hours, with the royal descendant allegedly inciting violence in the hills and will remain under house arrest inside the royal palace.

MP Tripura criticized Pradiot Kishore’s policies and said Tibra Motha is trying to sow unrest to stop the expansion of BJP’s support base in the tribal areas. He said that the administration of the tribal council under the direction of Tibra Motha had failed miserably and was not doing anything.

Tripura, who claimed that Tibra Motha has no control over the management of the DAC and the party, said Tibra is trying hard to stop the BJP and is resorting to violence to terrorize the people.

In response to the allegations, Pradiot Kishore said in the evening that people were angry with anyone since they took so much money under the pretext of fighting a legal battle for NRC and quickly faded away. He also said he spoke to CM Dr. Manik Saha and informed him that the BJP elements are confused whether they want to destroy TIPRA Motha or want to help CPIM revive.

There is anger at the individual and the individual is trying to make him the problem of the party. “The BJP needs to make a decision if it wants to fight with everyone or talk to people who may not necessarily be against them,” said Pradiot, indirectly referring to Patal Kania Jamatiya.

Patal Kania Jamatia, who was a leader of Tripura Indigenous Peoples Front (IPFT), later put her party out in June 2014. She petitioned the Supreme Court over alleged large-scale illegal immigration from Bangladesh to Tripura and sought the intervention of the Supreme Court. To identify anyone who came to Tripura after July 1948, treat them as illegal immigrants and deport them. Her request to sever Indian citizenship predates the Indira-Mujib charter and even Assam’s NRC review form.

She joined the BJP in March this year and described former Prime Minister Biplap Kumar Deep as the “first honest director of Tripura”, whom she had previously described as an “illegal immigrant”.

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