Trampoline flies down through Canadian street amid powerful storm. Watch video

Powerful thunderstorms wreaked havoc in Canada and killed at least eight people. Clean-up activities continued in two of the country’s most populous provinces, Ontario and Quebec, and efforts to regain power have since been stepped up. Thunderstorms hit last weekend, Reuters mentioned.

Utilities companies told the news agency that trees had fallen, electricity poles had been uprooted, and many metal transmission towers had been toppled. Many homes were damaged, and emergency services were often called for help.

A video that has gone viral shows a trampoline flying in the street in the midst of a strong storm. The clip shared by CBS News shows the trampoline moving quickly down the street.

Watch the video here:

“A runaway trampoline was caught flying on a street during a strong storm on Saturday in Toronto, Canada,” read the caption. Netizens were shocked to see the fast-moving trampoline and the clip garnered more than 1,28,000 views on Twitter.

“The storms that engulfed Ontario and Quebec yesterday caused massive damage, claimed many lives, and left many without power. We are thinking about all those affected, and thank the crews working to restore power – we stand ready to support,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter on Monday. Federal if necessary.

Experts told BBC That storm, which spanned an area of ​​about 621 miles (1,000 km), was caused by a rare phenomenon called derecho. According to the US National Weather Service, a derecho is a widespread, long-lived wind storm associated with a group of fast-moving rain or thunderstorms.

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