Traffic police data: None caught driving drunk in Prayagraj so far

Of the 80,000 traffic violators so far this year, there have been no reported cases of drunken driving in the city, according to the Traffic Police.

Of note, among all traffic rule violations, drunk driving is considered a serious offense because it increases the chances of road accidents. Violation can be a hefty fine 10,000. Heavy fines are imposed to prevent people from driving drunk, thus reducing the chances of fatal accidents.

However, only one person was found drunk during the first five months of the current year in Prayagraj, according to district traffic police records.

This year, traffic police have issued challans for 80,000 vehicles, including four-wheelers and two-wheelers. No one on the phone could escape the traffic police cameras while driving. However, no one was found drunk.

Since the Kovid outbreak, traffic police have stopped inspecting drivers through the Breath Analyzer, as it puts them at risk of infection, officials say. Traffic police are not using the gadget, though there are fewer Covid cases.

However, traffic inspector Arun Kumar Dixit said, “Inspection of drunk drivers will be initiated soon and penalties will be imposed on violators.”

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Challenges have been issued this year for violating various traffic rules:

Driving without a helmet – 16614

Driving without a seat belt – 5237

Talking on the phone and driving – 146

High speed – 76

Triple Riding – 1730

Wrong Side Driving – 693

Incorrect parking- 10613

Driving without a driving license- 7064

Vehicle Pollution- 1538

Driving without insurance- 1272

Other Violations— 35,205

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