‘Tourists who want exciting time’: Video of Sri Lanka PM joking goes viral | World News

When the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told him that the question of tourism is a serious and real question, the Prime Minister said that Sri Lanka does not discourage people from visiting.

In an interview with Sky News, Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said tourists looking for an exciting time can visit Sri Lanka, as there are now a number of options in the troubled island nation. “Maybe they can participate in the demonstrations. Maybe they can hold the boards that the President of Sri Lanka wants to go home, or you can ask the Prime Minister to go home. It’s all available,” the Prime Minister said. The minister said with a smile on his face. Also Read: Sri Lanka has fallen into default for the first time


Anchor then took some time off and said his question about tourism is a serious question as tourism is an important part of any emerging market. “It’s nice to see you are lighter,” the journalist said.

“But are you not encouraging people to visit Sri Lanka or are you? This is a real question,” the journalist asked.

“We are not discouraging people from visiting but we understand the lack of foreign exchange and certain exhibitions and the lack of essential items that they have not visited Sri Lanka this time,” the Prime Minister said.

Part of the interview went viral on social networking sites, with people commenting that it was appropriate for the prime minister to make jokes.

In the same interview, the Prime Minister blamed the past administration for the country’s current economic crisis and said that Sri Lanka has never faced a situation where there is no dollar or rupee.

“I can understand the agony of the protesters – young and old. Young and old, suffering, middle class, farmers looking for their fate … farmers without fertilizer. It shows frustration and hopelessness, ”he said.

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