Toddler drowns in swimming pool day before birthday at Lonavala bungalow

A two-year-old boy drowned in a swimming pool in a bungalow in Lonavala the day before his and his twin sister’s birthdays last week, police said.

According to the information provided by Lonavala City Police Station, the accident occurred on the evening of July 13. Police said the boy’s family hails from Nashik and came to Lonavala to celebrate the twins’ birthday on July 14 in the bungalow. .

While the incident was reported to the police on July 13, details of the case were provided after footage from a security camera installed in the bungalow showing the boy falling into the pool and drowning was posted on social media platforms.

Inspector Sitaram Dupal said, “Around 7pm on July 13, the family started searching for the boy after he had not been seen in the building for a while. He was found in the pond. He was taken out within moments after being located, but he cannot be revived.” .

Officials added that an accidental death was recorded pending investigation into the causes.

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