Today is Friday the 13th. Here’s what netizens are posting on this day | Trending

From spooky to intriguing to funny, people are sharing various posts about Friday the 13th.

Friday is generally the day that people look forward to as it marks an end of a work week and opens the door to a relaxing weekend. Today will be the same for many, unless they have friggatriskaidekaphobia – the irrational fear of Friday when it falls on the 13th day of a month. Are you someone who is not a fan of this infamous date too? Then it is a day to stay away from social media. Why, you ask? People have now taken to various platforms to share different posts related to the day – so much so that the words “Friday the 13th” are also trending on Twitter.

Though the root of this day that is long considered to be a harbinger of bad luck is unclear, there are several theories that try explaining why this particular day and date combination is considered ominous and spooky by many. Also, what add on to this fear are the stories of real-life unfortunate incidents that took place on this supposedly unlucky day.

The popularity, or in this case unpopularity, of the date is such that it has also inspired a successful horror film franchise with the name “Friday the 13th”.

We have collected some of the posts related to the day. From spooky to intriguing to funny, people are sharing all kinds of posts.

Here is a Twitter user who posted a question related to Jason Voorhees, a character from the Friday the 13th series.

Friday the 13th tweet.(Twitter/@SLKSheWolf)
Friday the 13th tweet.(Twitter/@SLKSheWolf)

Then there is this individual who also mentioned the movie in a very interesting way:

This Instagram user shared about the “scariest” thing that they will do today. There is a chance that you will find it relatable too:

Then there is this post that lists some of the most common superstitions that many tend to believe on this day:

This Instagram user gave a funny twist and compared this day to Monday:

Another individual posted their personal ‘horror story’ on Twitter:

A Twitter post related to Friday the 13th.(Twitter/@karu9ah)
A Twitter post related to Friday the 13th.(Twitter/@karu9ah)

This person shared their story too:

What are you posting on this day?

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