Title race, Champions League berth and battle for survival: All to play for on the final day of the Premier League

Is Manchester City crowned the champion or Liverpool? Will Spurs secure the point they need to retain last place in the Champions League ahead of Arsenal? Will Leeds United or Burnley remain?

After 10 drama-filled months in a season full of twists and turns, key questions remain unanswered before the final day of the Premier League season. At stake is the title, the bragging rights of being among the European elite, a place in the next Premier League season, and an unexpected financial windfall in each case.

Title race down to the wire

PWDL GD Pts . Center

1. Man City 37 28 6 3 72 90

2. Liverpool 37 27 8 2 25 89

combinations: Manchester City vs. Aston Villa; Liverpool vs wolves

Prize money for champions: $54.4 million (Second place: $51.7 million)

This season’s title race between Manchester City and Liverpool dates back to the 2018-2019 season, when City beat Liverpool for the title by one point on the last day of the season. On Sunday, history may repeat itself, but things may not be that straightforward. And Pep Guardiola’s team dropped points on West Ham in the previous match, and opened a window for Liverpool to cross the post. But as Jurgen Klopp said, it would be surprising to see City drop points in successive matches.

It was Klopp’s way of playing down Liverpool’s chances. Having already won the League Cup and the FA Cup, Liverpool are chasing the elusive quartet – with the Champions League final against Real Madrid scheduled for next Saturday – but even if they beat Wolverhampton, they will have to rely on club legend Steven Gerrard, how he did Aston Villa manager stole at least a point from City.

Simple scenarios:

1. If City win, the title is theirs;

2. If they draw or lose, and Liverpool win, Klopp’s team will be crowned champions;

3. If the two teams draw or lose, the title will go to Manchester;

4. If City lose and Liverpool draw, both teams will get 90 points but City will be crowned champions because they have a better goal difference.

The fight for the CL . berth

PWDL GD Pts . Center

4. Tottenham 37 21 5 11 24 68

5. Arsenal 37 21 3 13 9 66

combinations: Norwich City vs Tottenham; Arsenal vs Everton

UEFA Champions League Group Stage Qualifier Prize: $19.1 million

With Chelsea tied with Leicester City on Thursday night, they have effectively secured third place and the right to play in the Champions League next season.

With only one place in the Champions League, Tottenham and Arsenal will put all their strength against Norwich and Everton, respectively. Spurs, who have 68 points, have a better chance of qualifying for Europe’s elite football competition when they play for the already downhill side Norwich. In the meantime, Arsenal, who have 66 points, will host Everton, who have recently seen an improvement in form.

Only Tottenham’s loss to Norwich could open a window for Arsenal, who would have to win to finish fourth. If Tottenham win or draw, it will be their last berth in the Champions League.

fight to survive

PWDL GD Pts . Center

17. Burnley 37 7 14 16-1835

18. Leeds United 37 8 11 18-3835

combinations: Burnley – Newcastle United. Brentford vs Leeds United

Financial Impact: A relegated team will face an immediate hit of nearly £50m

On Thursday night, Everton made a fantastic comeback to secure their place in the Premier League next season. This leaves Leeds and Burnley struggling to survive.

Both teams head into the final day of the season with 35 points, with Burnley retaining a slight advantage due to a superior goal difference. Leeds will travel to Brentford while Burnley will play with Newcastle.

While both teams desperately need three points, Leeds – who have not won in their last five games – are in a more delicate position than Burnley due to their poor goal difference of -38. If both teams win a tie or a draw, Leeds will be the one to be relegated due to the aforementioned goal difference.

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Only a Leeds win and Burnley’s loss on Sunday can keep the Whites in the Premier League. As difficult as Leeds’ survival appears, strange things have happened in the Premier League.

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