Three of a family, driver found dead in Mumbai hospital building

A 17-year-old girl and her family driver allegedly murdered her older sister and mother before ending their lives in a hospital closed for several years in Candival (West) late Wednesday night. Police said the motive for the murders and suicides was said to be drawn-out internal family cases.

The incident surfaced around 11.22 pm at Radhabhai Dalvi Hospital which had been closed for several years.

The deceased were identified as Kieran Dalvi, 46, her daughters Muskan Dalvi, 26, Bumi Dalvi, 17, and family driver Shivdayal Sen, 60. The family’s accommodation is also in the hospital building. Kiran’s husband moved to Indore a few years ago after a disagreement. Police said the hospital, named after Kiran’s mother-in-law, was closed more than 15 years ago after Radabhai’s death.

Sen, who has been with Dallas for more than 10 years, is suspected of killing Kieran and Muskan. “Later, the man died and Bumi committed suicide,” said Vishal Thakur, deputy police commissioner, District 11. Sen attacked the two with a machete found at the scene. Police said Bhumi conspired with Sen to kill her mother and sister.

“We got a call from the control room that a man armed with a machete was moving in the hospital. When we rushed to the spot we saw the hospital door closed and we broke the lock with a hammer. Kiran’s body was found on the second floor and Muskan’s bloodied body was found inside the kitchen on the balcony. Sen and Bumi’s bodies are inside a locked room on the first floor,” said Candevial ​​Police Officer,

“We found four suicide papers from the senator’s pants. The diaries said they were taking the extreme step due to protracted family problems,” said Police Inspector Dipchika Ware.

The bodies were taken to the nearby Shabdi Hospital. A murder case was registered against Sen and Bumi.

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