This is how a cat comforts and protects its sister from paw-sible danger. Watch | Trending

Do you like to watch videos featuring cats? If yes, here is a video that will bring a smile to your face and say ‘alas’. A video shared on Instagram a day ago is winning people’s hearts and can have the same effect on you.

“How did they do that?” Reads the title of the video on Instagram. With two cats and a woman in the frame, the video opens with a voiceover saying, “Watch my cats for me while I vacuum.”

The woman then closes the door to use a vacuum cleaner and record cats’ reactions. Soon after, the little boy gets closer to his brother, who is comforted by a kiss. In the end, the cat symbolizes the potential danger to her brother and he moves partially to protect her.

Watch the glamorous video here:

The video is posted on an Instagram page titled Peach and Pumpkin. Since sharing, the clip has garnered 46,200 views and 10,200 likes. This post has prompted people to share their thoughts in the comments section.

“It’s so sweet! Big brother kiss!” One person has been posted. “Om, I love them both,” another commented. “He saved her, awe,” the third commented. “Alas, oh, I love them. How sweet is that!” A fourth Instagram user posted.

What is your opinion on the cute video featuring cats?

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