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One of the most rewarding things to do is to work from home next to your pet. isn’t it And a video of a golden retriever dog helping reduce stress while working from home proves it. The video is too cute to miss and will put a smile on your face and calm you down.

The video was shared on an Instagram page dedicated to a golden retriever puppy named Kevin. “Kevin is a great work-from-home friend. How can your pet help reduce stress and make you smile when you work from home?” reads the caption posted alongside the video.

The adorable dog clip opens with a text insert that reads, “How to work from home with Kevin.” It shows that a golden retriever dog named Kevin is always on time, a great coffee break friend, professionally dressed and makes his human smile and laugh.

Watch the adorable dog video below:

The video, which was shared four days ago, has garnered more than 1.4 lakh views. The clip has collected more than 10,500 likes. The adorable dog video received several comments.

“Great job buddy!!” Maximus posted an Instagram page dedicated to a Blue Merle Yorkie named Prime. “I sleep on my pawrents’ legs so it’s like helping them work out,” shared another doggo page on Insta dedicated to a golden retriever named Rover. A third Instagram page dedicated to a golden retriever dog named Sparkle expressed, “Kevin, you are a precious little thing.” An Instagram page dedicated to the sweet shop wrote, “Kebby is the best colleague.” “He makes everyone happy,” one person posted. “Such a powfessional boi!” Another commented. “Perfect at everything he does!!” suggested the third.

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