This epic version of ‘Monsoon Wedding’ impresses netizens

There is no match for forum owners when it comes to jugad Technology, moving against all odds and making things work no matter what. In a similar way, the wedding procession impressed netizens as they continued to move in copious showers armed with a huge tarpaulin.

In a video shared by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra on Twitter, Bara is seen leading with a decorated bus leading the way with the band party and possibly the groom as well. While some guests were seen dancing their hearts out in the rain to peppy rhythms, most of them hid under a huge yellow polyester blanket. Rather than stopping on their way, the groom’s relatives and friends were seen dancing or simply walking in the rain while completely immersed in the commotion.

“Isse epic baraat main ne aaj tak nahi dekhi (I’ve never seen such a masterful epic before)” wrote the officer, moved by their dedication on their way to the wedding.

Watch the video here:

The undated video soon left a lot of laughs out loud on the internet and sparked jokes and memes. While some were reminding them of the famous Mira Nair movie monsoon weddingOthers saluted the spirit of the family, saying that only people can understand the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding weddings.

While the use of tarpaulins by Baraat during the monsoon may be new, earlier in April a video went viral showing the groom’s family using a mobile villain to beat the heat.

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