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Oh, the things that pet dogs can do to get their human attention. In this particular video, which is shared and becoming viral on Instagram, a cute Pitbull dog is seen trying his level best to get his human attention – through funny and awkward expressions. The video will make your day with the sheer cuteness of a dog.

The video was shared with the insertion of hilarious text suggesting that the sound emanating from the dog’s mouth was rather unique, instead of the usual shout. Car mechanic “How does your engine sound?” This suggests that the word may be the answer. And this little prank made people laugh out loud. “” I think I need a new engine, “the caption reads.

The Instagram video is shared on a page dedicated to this dog named Juice, which has over 37,000 dedicated followers. It has been collaborated with the Barcode Name page. The dog is with its human on Long Island, New York, United States. And its bio describes it as a ‘good boy’.

Watch the video of the dog below:

It has amassed more than 3.6 lakh likes since it was shared on Instagram a day ago. The adorable and hilarious dog video has also received numerous comments from people who can’t stop laughing at this dog’s behavior.

Instagram users hilariously wrote, “Maybe an oil change can fix that.” Along with it were laughing-faced emojis. “A very talkative doggie,” reads another comment. The third comment asks, “What’s to say?”

What are your thoughts on this puppy’s unique bark?

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