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There is rarely a shortage of dog videos on social media to make you laugh out loud and say ‘oops’ at the same time. These cute little creatures almost always make it a point to appear in their most adorable version. This one video was shared on Instagram and showcases the cute bulldog. And why this video of the bulldog in his daycare is going viral is impossible to predict before you see it.

The video opens to show this quiet and sweet bulldog sitting in his daycare and looking directly at the camera. Before he continues to show the video some clips of how this dog manages to “bless” many others in his daycare. Watching the video is incredibly fun and will definitely make your day.

The title of this hilarious talk video reads, “I will never bless dogs in daycare.” The insertion of the title accompanying this video is very hilarious and makes you laugh out loud and relate to it.

Watch a video of the dog and read the funny caption right here:

The video has received more than 53,000 views since it was posted on Instagram six days ago. There have been various comments on this.

“I know that’s right,” the Instagram user commented. “Please, I need a blessing,” another posted. The third asked, “Please can I be blessed with an olive?”

What is your opinion on this cute video?

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