This Clip Of Kid Playing In The Rain Will Take You Back To Your Childhood Days

Who does not like to see carefree children playing? Every adult misses the stage of life where you don’t have any responsibilities and just want to have fun and have the time of your life. Seeing children playing and having fun makes us reconsider our childhood and brings joy.

On Twitter, a user shared a video in which a child was seen enjoying the rain oblivious to the whole world. His kindness and carefree attitude attracted many people. People loved seeing the little boy in a yellow raincoat enjoying the rain so much that the views exceeded Rs 1 crore in just one day. The tweet also got about 6 likes.

“Meanwhile in the Netherlands,” the tweet read.

To ensure that the child was not submerged, the parents made him wear a yellow raincoat. Perhaps they must know that a child who loves rain cannot hold back for long. But children are adept at defying all parents’ plans to keep their children safe from any kind of danger or harm.

The child went out on the road in the rain. He tried to enjoy the shower by trying to sit in a puddle of water but fell on his back while trying to do so.

People in the comments also expressed their love for the video. One user wrote, “Kids just want to have fun..” with a video of a kid jumping in a puddle of mud. Another man enlightened people by telling them, “The Netherlands is some of the few countries that are a safe country where children walk freely without being watched by adults.”

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