Third front looks to make a mark in Pimpri Chinchwad civic body polls

In the upcoming civic body elections in Pimpri Chinchwad, a third front led by Abhay Bhor, head of the Federation of Small Scale Industries, hopes to make its presence felt. Bhor, while talking to Indian Express He said that the Third Front would have people who worked tirelessly in establishing the industrial city but failed to gain political representation.

Bhor said the need for a third bloc was felt because Pembri Chinchwad’s policies had failed to produce a leader in the region. Under the presidency of Bimbri Chinchwad Vikas Agadi, Bhor said they plan to enter the local polls.

The region with the largest concentration of industries, has not seen the appointment of anyone as a minister since its formation. Burr said the civic body, one of the richest municipal corporations in the country, had failed to be the voice of the common man. “Our town is an industrial city but the issue of industries is rarely reflected in political debates. We want to ensure that the political dialogue of the local body is inclusive and inclusive.”

In response to a question about the involvement of financial power that seems to have become endemic in the elections, Bhor said that everything cannot be measured by money. “Our volunteers and members are present in every booth. They will be ready to run the booths and do the basic work needed.”

Bhor said they are confident of fielding candidates in 122 suites. He said the candidates will be from the industrial sector, the social sector and other areas of life. “All we want is people’s commitment to the social sector and work for the people,” he said.

The idea of ​​a third front, though romantic, failed to emerge on all levels. When this was pointed out, Bahor said that the third front they are working on is the People’s Front. “Many of the people who worked for the betterment of the city have failed to get any representation. Our main goal is to unite these people and provide them with a platform to work with,” he said.

The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) was governed by the BJP before its term expired. PCMC polling dates have not been announced.

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