Thief snatches phone from moving train as he hangs from a railway bridge, watch blink-and-you-miss robbery

Video of a man snatching a mobile phone from a moving train in Bihar Leave people dumbfounded. The thief sat on a bridge and managed to steal the mobile phone even while the train was crossing the railway bridge. Terrified netizens are now comparing the thief to Spider-Man.

In a video doing the rounds online, two passengers sit at the door of a train compartment as it crosses the Ganga River. The duo have cell phones in their hands to capture the moment. A person extends his hand while photographing the river and suddenly records his shock at the comfort of his mobile phone. He rose in disbelief, and signaled to the other passenger that his phone had disappeared.

Yes, believe it or not, but the thief was hanging from the bridge frame, patiently waiting to snatch the passengers’ phones. It is impossible to capture the flash of the camera flash on the camera, the moment is visible only when watching the video in slow motion.

Watch the video here:

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According to local reports, the accident occurred in Begusarai on the Patna-Katihar Intercity Express earlier this week. Dainik Bhaskar It reported that the accident occurred at Rajendra Setu, the railway bridge linking Patna and Begusarai. She also said that such robberies happen more often than one would imagine because thieves victimize passengers sitting near the train doors.

Commenting on the accident, the local police said they are aware of such accidents on the road. The policemen confirmed that they had previously arrested a few miscreants working in the area, that they are trying to monitor the situation and will arrest the violators.


Even though GRP and the local police run a campaign against these thefts, they have not been successful. Explaining the reason, the cops said that robbers are swift to jump off the bridge and manage to dodge the police by swimming to safety in the Ganga river.

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