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In the video, the video of the two dogs was posted on Instagram.

Looking out the window to see what’s going on outside is probably one of the things that pet dogs like to do the most. There are times when neighbors or passers-by catch glimpses of pets doing just that and take time to show their appreciation for the fur babies’ adorableness. This is what this man’s neighbor did. However, it initially caused confusion as to why he congratulated only one dog. It soon became clear when he captured a video of his two dogs looking through the glass door. That video shared on Instagram has now amazed and amused people.

The video was posted on an Instagram page dedicated to two dogs named Hosu and Danby. His page bio says he was rescued by Korean Jindo, who now lives in Virginia.

The video opens to show a white dog looking through a glass door. At first glance you might think that’s all there is to the video. However, the text inserts in the video will make you think otherwise. “My neighbors said they saw a white dog floating on my window and they didn’t know we had two dogs.” If you look next to a visible dog, you may also see another dog move its head and look around.

Watch the video:

The video was posted on July 7. Since being posted, the clip has amassed 11.5 million views and the numbers are rising. This sharing has encouraged people to post various comments.

“He’s beautiful,” posted an Instagram user. “Sohoo is funny,” expressed another. “Surprise,” commented a third. “You really can’t tell,” wrote a fourth. Many expressed their reactions with laugh-out-loud emoticons.

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