The Gray Man trailer: Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling face off, Dhanush appears too

Netflix released the official trailer for The Gray Man on Twitter on Tuesday. In the nearly two-minute trailer, the show features a confrontation between actors Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Dhanush, who is making his Hollywood debut in The Gray Man, has been stylish. He is also featured in the fight sequence. (Also Read | Dhanush’s poster from angry Rusi Brothers, IMDB post The Gray Man)

In the trailer, Ryan is seen in an action scene where he fights with several men other than Chris Evans. He jumps out of it, smashes a glass window and runs into the road, with bomb vehicles behind him. In one scene, when asked if you are hurt, he replies, “My ego is a little bruised.

In the Spy Thriller directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, Ryan writes the role of The Gray Man and Chris (Lloyd Hansen) as a psychopathic opponent. The film also stars Ana D’Armas, Reggae-Jean Page, Billy Bob Thornton, Jessica Henwick, Wagner Maura and Alfre Woodard. Based on Mark Greene’s novel The Gray Man, the screenplay is by Joe Russo, Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFeely.

Fans who responded to the trailer made comments on YouTube. One person wrote, “Even with a few seconds in the trailer, Dhanush’s screen presence shows why he is the best in the business !!” Another fan said, ‘I only watch this movie for Dhanush and Chris Evans.’ “Dhanush! A proud moment for Indians to see you in Hollywood cinema !!!” Another fan commented.

Gray Man CIA Operative Court Gentry (Ryan), aka, Sierra Six. Torn from the federal penitentiary and hired by his handler, Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton), the court was once a highly skilled, agency-stricken death merchant.

But now that the tables are turned and the Six is ​​the target, Lloyd Hansen (Chris), a former cohort at the CIA, has hunted around the world, who will stop at nothing to get him out. Agent Danny Miranda (Ana D’Armas) has his back.

Joe Roth, Jeffrey Kirshenbaum, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Mike LaRocca and Chris Castaldi. Patrick Newall, Christopher Marcus, Stephen McFeely, Jake Ast, Angela Russo-Otstadt, Geoff Haley, Zach Roth and Palak Patel serve as executive producers. The film will have a limited theatrical release on July 15, 2022, followed by Netflix on July 22, 2022.

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