The father-daughter duo at the centre of Prayagraj demolition

Muhammad Javid and his daughter Averin Fatimah, whose home was demolished by the Uttar Pradesh administration on Sunday, two days after Prayagraj protests against Nupur Sharma’s remarks about the Prophet, prominent members of the city’s civil society and members of the Indian Welfare Party.

While Javid is a member of the party’s central working committee, Afrin is the national secretary of the Brotherhood, the party’s student wing.

District police arrested the 54-year-old on Saturday and alleged he was one of the conspirators at Friday’s protests. SSP Ajay Kumar also claimed that during interrogation, Javid said Averin often made suggestions to him. However, he said their initial investigation found no evidence against her.

Welfare Party Chairman Elias SQR said Javid has been a loyal member of ours since 2011 and has held several positions in the party. We do our best to help him legally. It is framed. He wasn’t part of the protest, and he didn’t make a call on Friday.”

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Saying that Javid has been part of many protests in the city for more than 30 years, including the recent NRC-CAA protests in 2020, an activist in Prayagraj said, “Who wasn’t there for the CAA protests? The entire civil society was there. Hindus And Muslims, Christians, atheists…everyone participated and so did Javed.”

A friend of Javid’s, who did not wish to be identified, said his politics began in the 1980s during his student days at Ewing Christian College in Prayagraj, where he earned his bachelor’s degree.

Another civil society member said Javid was very active during the first and second waves of the pandemic: “He worked around the clock to coordinate with relief camps and arrange food, shelter and transportation for migrant workers. During the second wave of Covid, he helped many people with the oxygen supply.”

Javed, who runs a plumbing and water fitting business in Prayagraj, is married to Parveen Fatimah, a housewife, and has five children – two sons and three daughters, including Averin.

Avren has been active in student politics for several years, focusing on the issues of Muslim students and women. She received her BA Honors degree in Linguistics from Aligarh Islamic University, where she was the President of the Girls’ College Student Union from 2018 to 2019. She later joined for her MA in Linguistics at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi, where, in 2019 She was elected as a council member in the Student Union. She had vie for the position as part of an alliance between the Fraternity Movement and the Birsa Ambedkar Voll Student Association. I graduated from JNU in 2021.

Avren was part of my council and was a very vocal student activist on campus. She was part of the anti-fee hike, the anti-CAA movement and was there when so many of us were assaulted on campus in 2020. We will stand by her and give her all the help she needs,” said JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh.

Even during her undergraduate days at AMU, Avren actively participated in the protests, including Najib, a JNU student who went missing in 2016. She was also part of the agitation against the CAA in Delhi and Prayagraj.

“This year, when the hijab protests broke out in Karnataka, I went there with a delegation from the Fraternity Movement to interact with the protesters in Udupi and Mangalore,” said Waseem RS, a student at the University of New Jersey and a member of the Fraternity National Secretariat.

Earlier this year, Avren set up a community of young Muslim women in Prayagraj to discuss Islam, politics, society and empowerment.

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