‘That is Rahul Dravid for you’: Former player explains how India head coach’s me | Cricket

Rahul Dravid has been India’s head coach since November 2021 and under him India continues to dominate the hometown. However, that domination was somewhat questioned by South Africa, the only team to have defeated India in any format since Dravid took office. If India had been defeated in the Test and ODI series during their tour of South Africa, they would have won 2-2 in the five-match T20I series, which ended with a washout on Sunday in Bangalore.

India lost the first two matches of the series, in which several key players were injured or rested. But they fought back to make it 2-2 before the rain stopped the Bengaluru T20I finish. The veteran Dinesh Karthik had spoken about how Dravid would feel the same in the dressing room regardless of whether the team won or not.

“They are talking about how the setup is more process oriented rather than results-oriented. That is what Dikeshi is trying to convey. Defeat or defeat, we are going to be without work, we have a specific plan and if we see Rahul Dravid and how they approach, they should look at the calendar first,” Zaheer said. Dravid played in captaincy during the game days, said Cricbuzz.

“They were identifying major chains and players based on their records and their experience. It depends on the style of the player. If you are playing in England, for example, you need a bowler’s style that can make the best of those conditions.

“If you take a player to England, you are very free to tell the player that this is the nature of your game. It helps the team. You are looking at a particular role. A similar approach is for different series.

“That’s for you Rahul Dravid. He’s played his cricket that way. He plans his entire term that way. Next year, the 50-over World Cup and Test Championships will be huge. The T20 World Cup is coming up this year. He sees these milestone tournaments and recognizes some of the chains around it, ”Zaheer said.

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