Thane delivery boy wins hearts online by helping school girl who got injured while playing

A little girl’s playful movements drifted onto an iron gate, injuring her in the face. However, thanks to the delivery boy’s immediate action to help the baby until first responders arrived at the scene, severe injury was avoided. Now, this thoughtful gesture has drawn plaudits with netizens calling him a “champion” on the internet.

According to a post by a Twitter user, Pratik Salunke, the strange incident occurred in Thane, Maharashtra when the girl was playing on her school gate. Suddenly, the metal gate broke open and โ€œa part of it pierced her cheek, missing her right eye by an inch.โ€

An Amazon delivery person who was in the area saw the accident and rushed to the girl’s aid, holding the coin in place to stop excessive bleeding or a worsening of the injury. According to Salonek, the man identified as Ravi held onto the iron structure for half an hour until help arrived.

A doctor and a nurse from the nearby Vasant Vihar Hospital rushed to get help. Twitter user added, “They saved her by cutting off the iron part of the gate. He reported that the girl was then taken to hospital for further treatment. Salunke shared a picture of the delivery boy, tagged it on Amazon India and asked them to acknowledge the timely help that saved the student.” Share the phone number of the delivery person in case anyone wants to appreciate their efforts.

Many reached out to Ravi on his mobile number and thanked him for not only helping the child but also for restoring their faith in humanity. Some good netizens have also come forward and donated small amounts as a tribute. Many also urged Amazon to reward him for going above and beyond to help those in need.

Earlier this year in February, Swiggy shared the story of a delivery man who rushed a big man to hospital When others looked away, making sure he got medical care on time.

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