Telangana testing fewer samples, not providing Covid-19 hotspot information: Centre

As coronavirus cases continue to rise in Telangana, the Union government on Saturday criticized the state government for “insufficient” testing and for failing to provide information about Covid hotspots on the central portal.

In a letter to state Health and Medicine Secretary Sam Rizvi, union health minister Rajesh Bhushan wrote that as many as 12 districts in the state have reported a decrease in the number of tests this week compared to the previous one, while four districts have reported an increase. In cases during the same period.

While describing this letter as important areas of concern, the letter said: “It has been observed that the country has not filled out the Covid-19 hotspot form on the Covid-l9 India portal. [for] The past six months and it is necessary to address the vulnerabilities quickly. Rapid and continuous data updates will help track and monitor case trails and inform strategies and plans at the centre, state, and district level.”

Telangana reported 1,061 coronavirus infections on Friday, the highest in more than six months. According to the center, the state contributed 5.7 per cent of the weekly new cases in India in the week ending Friday and reported an increase in the average daily new cases as well as the weekly positivity rate.

The center also advised the country to follow the five-fold strategy – which includes testing, tracing, treating, vaccinating and adhering to appropriate behavior for Covid. And the state warned of the coming months of festivals that may cause the transmission of infectious diseases, including Covid-19.

“It is critical that the state ensures that all counties have adequate testing while maintaining the recommended quota of RT-PCR and antigen tests. The state should also closely monitor counties reporting more cases, positive rates and clusters to prevent the spread of infection. and effective case management.

The center also requested the state to regularly monitor and report district-wide influenza-like illnesses and severe acute respiratory infections (SARI) in all health facilities so that it can take preventive measures. The letter added that samples from international passengers as well as samples collected from health facilities and local congregations should be sent to dedicated laboratories of the Insacog (Indian SARS-CoV-2 Consortium on Genomics) for genome sequencing.

Emphasizing the need to ensure appropriate behavior of Covid in crowded places with the active participation of community leaders and other influencers, the Federal Minister of Health called on the state to increase the frequency of vaccination against the coronavirus and to administer precautionary doses in all government vaccination centers under the title “Covid Vaccination Amrit Mahotsav” Until September 30.

The center has also written to the health secretaries of Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Odisha.

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