Tata-run Air India bans smoking, consumption of intoxicating substances at workplace

After regaining control of Air India, the Tata Group banned smoking and consumption of intoxicating substances in the workplace. In a letter, Air India’s Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Suresh Dutt Tripathi, asked staff not to smoke or ingest intoxicants.

The letter dated May 18 reads: “We are a responsible organization that strictly prohibits smoking and consumption of any intoxicating substances in the workplace. The basic principles of the Tata Code of Conduct obligate us all to comply with the law of the land and provide a safe and healthy working environment for our colleagues. We have zero tolerance for violations of the above. Any violation is taken seriously and the appropriate consequences will be dealt with.”

When asked about the letter, an Air India spokesperson said: “We would not like to make any comment on any such internal communication.” Sources said that after the acquisition, Tatas made many changes to Air India, in a bid to make it a professional airline.

Air India was acquired by Tata Group on January 27 and Tata Steel veteran Tripathi took over the airline’s head of human resources in April.

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