Swaran Ghar actors Sangita Ghosh and Ajay Chaudhary react on viral scene: ‘One falters at times but …’

Since yesterday, a clip from Colors’ show Swaran Ghar is making the rounds on the internet, for all the wrong reasons. The clip sees Ajay Chaudhary’s Ajit rescuing Sangita Ghosh’s Swaran after her dupatta gets stuck on a stand fan. As the knot gets tighter and strangles her, a crowd gathers to save her but no one steps forward to free her by turning her to the other side. The bizarreness quotient shoots up when instead of turning her around or loosening the cloth, Ajit tears the dupatta with his teeth. Speaking to indianexpress.com, Sangita said that she too thought the video was funny.

“I take everything with a pinch of salt and did the same with this video. I think when your audience gives you so much love and appreciation, they also have the right to criticise. I told everyone on the set that at least hum viral hogaye (laughs). We do make mistakes in life and shows. One has to move on eventually,” she said.

Ajay Chaudhary and Sangita Ghosh play the lead in Swaran Ghar.

Ajay Chaudhary sheepishly accepted that he was taken aback when he started getting messages from his friends and family about the viral video. The actor confessed that he never wanted to go viral for this reason. “At the end of the day, you can just smile at it. What had to go on air, already did. I just hope people do realise that it was just a scene. They shouldn’t judge actors and the show based on it.”

The lead actors of the show confessed that they had a conversation with the team before filming the scene. While they did feel it was ‘silly’, they had to go ahead with the conviction of the team. “The intention and the execution did not come out the way it was planned. The team has already realised where they went wrong. And as actors, we do not have the last word but I think everyone will be careful next time,” Sangita said. Ajay, on his part, said that given the tight schedule, sometimes one doesn’t have time to have lengthy debates. Echoing his co-star’s thought, he said, “There are a lot of limitations and you have to just do your job. However, I will think more before shooting another scene next time.”

Post Swaran Ghar clip went viral, many questioned the content made on television. While social media users had a field day criticising the small screen, actor Kamya Punjabi also took to Twitter to express her disappointment at the kind of content on TV. “This is precisely why despite having some brilliant actors TV content is looked down upon, compared to Films and web,” she tweeted.

Defending the industry, Sangita Ghosh said that she accepts the team “faltered” in this instance, but one cannot question the content based on just one scene. “The show is a progressive one and has been lauded for its content. Yes, we faltered but that doesn’t mean we are not doing good work. Television has been instrumental in taking up so many sensitive topics. I, myself, have done some amazing work,” she said.

Ajay Chaudhary added that he too feels grateful to be part of Swaran Ghar. He stated that there are so many other factors involved while making a show, and this scene shouldn’t become a barometer for television.” Laughing at fans’ comments that he should bag a toothpaste ad, given he has such strong teeth, Ajay said that he has already done two commercials, and will be open for more.

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