Suspended, Kushwah shoots back: it was BJP which ‘destroyed’ my family

On Friday, Kochowa was suspended for seven days by the party, which also issued her a notice of reason asking her to respond within the stipulated time period, for a mutual vote for Congress candidate Pramod Tiwari and not BJP-backed Subhash. Chandra. Chandra went on to lose the election.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Kaushwa said that she did not approach the BJP 2017, but that it was the BJP who did.

“After destroying my family when they felt that not only the Kushwa community in Dholpur, but all over Rajasthan could get away with it, they approached and made some promises before the head of state in my community and some young people. But not one of those promises was kept.”

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During the BJP government in December 2016, then Rajasthan Assembly President Kailash Mijwal terminated the General Assembly membership of her husband Bill Kushwa, who was a member of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), after he was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment for honor charges. the kill.

And at next year’s General Assembly meetings, the BJP sent Shabrani from the same seat. She won the seat and was re-elected in the 2018 General Assembly elections.

In her statement, Kaushwa also said that there was only one BJP candidate, Ganshyam Tiwari, “and we were not among the Vishwas Patra (those close) and asked to vote for the Independent. This is the same person who spread false rumors against us through his channel across the country. In 2014 that person, who relied on financial strength, was openly discussing mutual voting, although there were not enough numbers. Our followers did not accept such a person.”

Kochoh also detailed issues in Dulpur Nagar Parishad and Dulpur Panchayat Samiti, where she alleged that some of the party leaders are dealing with the party’s interests in the region.

She says there are still some BJP leaders at the national level who want to divide the community and stand for her in the 2023 elections, where she and her husband have consistently won the seat three times. “They know that if we win for the fourth time, our political standing will reach new heights,” she said.

Perhaps in a sign that she would be leaving the party, she said: “The presence of any politician is their workers, and our workers have decided for themselves that they do not want to be in a party whose national leaders are working to defeat their candidates.”

While Kochoua did not respond to the comments, her brother-in-law, Abendra Kochouh, confirmed that the statement was issued by the Moroccan Liberation Army.

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