Surge in cyber crimes, 3 new stations set up in Gurgaon

The Haryana Home Ministry has sanctioned 21 new cyber police stations across the state, three of which have been set up in Gurgaon to deal with the increase in cyber crime cases.

Police officers said the three new stations – one each in South, Manesar and West districts – began operating on Friday. Prior to this, Gurgaon had a cybercrime police station in Sector 43, which is now assigned to the Eastern District. Officials said Gurgaon is the only district in Haryana that has four such stations.

Earlier this year, Haryana’s home minister, Anil Vig, said every police district should have at least one cyber police station to deal with the increasing cybercrime incidents.
Indiwar, the ACP cyber, said all three new cyber police stations began registering complaints with a “trial launch” on Friday.

“There has been an increase in cybercrime complaints after the pandemic. New police stations will help investigate cybercrime in the city. So far this year, we have received more than 5,000 cybercrime complaints and more than 40 information information zones have been registered. Cyber ​​police stations will organize New awareness campaigns and sessions for people.

Police said the maximum number of cybercrime complaints are related to debit/credit card fraud and online/e-commerce fraud. In 2018, Haryana’s first cyber police station was launched in Gurgaon.
Subhash Boken, Gurgaon Police Spokesperson, said, “Western District Cyber ​​Police Station has been set up at Palam Vihar Police Station Headquarters. Manesar District Cyber ​​Police Station will operate from IMT Sector 7 Police Station while Southern District Cyber ​​Police Station has been set up in Sector Police Station. 65″.

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