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On June 15, 2022, the Sun will be in Mithun’s pile and will remain in this sign until July 16, 2022, after which it will move to Karki for its next transit. In Vedic astrology, the sun is like a sour spirit and a higher power. Let us look at the impact of this transit on various zodiac signs.

Aries: Those who work in the field of media and communication have a great time. You may have to travel for work. It’s still good to get your things together and move on. You will be given confidence. The long-term consequences of any financial decisions you make will be positive. You and your siblings will be able to work and you will be able to maintain a healthy bond.

Taurus: A crack in your family or a hassle with your spouse can explode unexpectedly, so proceed with caution. This is a great time to make money trading and address any long-term financial concerns. If you owe money, do it in a way that does not allow others to profit. Be careful not to interfere with people’s feelings with your rough words, which can lead to worsening relationships.

Heap of Mithun: You get inspired to achieve your goals. Avoid taking any chances and think things through before making a decision. Aggressive behavior can have a negative effect on your romantic or marital relationships. Avoid direct confrontations with personal and professional partners at all costs and maintain pleasant and respectful behavior. Reduce stress by leading a healthy lifestyle and engaging in physical activity.

Cancer: When it comes to your personal life, you are more likely to be distracted. Take good care of your family, especially your spouse’s health. Professional opponents may try to undermine your reputation, so be careful. Vacations abroad with family and friends are on the horizon, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of them. This is not the time to make any hasty investments, so do your due diligence first.

The Lion: Your career prospects improve and you receive help from your colleagues. There is a good chance that you will be able to make money from several sources. Your work is well-organized and you get empowered as a result. In your personal life, you must be ready to start a new relationship. You can reach your goals if you are flexible at the moment. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure and keep your emotions under control.

Virgo: You will be rewarded with good social status. You may be given increased responsibilities and new role fees at work. Take advantage of all the possibilities that present themselves. Those in business need to put more effort into performing their tasks successfully. The focus is on personal relationships with family and spouse. Your father will continue to be supportive and you will benefit from his advice.

Libra: Your father will fully support you. At the same time, you may have to travel significant distances for work, which can be useful. You are attracted to spiritual study and want to learn more about it. Those who work in government may be affected by transfer or relocation. Parents are supportive in family affairs, but avoid getting into trivial matters with your siblings.

Scientist: In your work and personal life, there may be some unpredictability. You should put a lot of effort into your professional life and avoid making any controversial statements. Do not rush into your approach, because your professional reputation will be checked. Avoid any kind of conflict with people about personal or family concerns at all costs. You may feel depressed at times. Stay in touch with your spiritual soul.

Sagittarius: Your decision-making abilities improve and you become more aware of your public image. This is the perfect time to get married. Married people may experience personality conflicts. Maintain your calm and avoid being aggressive. Professional or business alliances help you advance in your career, but strive to maintain professional behavior. Any new collaboration has the potential to come to fruition.

Capricorn: You maintain a proactive competitive edge. You need to be careful to win over your colleagues in the workplace. Your loved ones will appreciate it if you finish your assignment on time and avoid quarreling with it. Anyone involved in a legal dispute is up. If you have taken out a loan, you will still be able to pay off whatever money you owe. Ensure the well-being of your aging parents.

Aquarius: Lonely people are more likely to start dating again. Due to a lack of communication, married couples may have difficulties in their relationship. Try to focus your attention on your professional possibilities, as no carelessness will help you advance in your career. Take good care of your children’s health and closely monitor their progress. Working professionals may want to consider changing their current position.

Pisces: Focus on your work instead of chasing happiness at this time. This is a difficult time for family alliances and relationships with the possibility of family conflicts. Your professional life is also unsupported, and you have to make all your decisions with a level head and intellect to prevent any setbacks. A well-thought-out career transition paves the way for working locals to have a bright future.


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