Suniel Shetty says Bollywood is ‘not filled with druggies’ but ‘mistakes’ happen

Speaking at a recent event, Sunil Shetty said Bollywood is not full of drugs. The actor has spoken about his industry friends, who are not involved in any illegal activities. Referring to various celebrities and star children being questioned in drug-related cases, Sunil said they should be ‘apologized’ for their ‘mistakes’. Read more: NCB official reveals that after his arrest Aryan Khan had said, “You have ruined my reputation”

Sunil participated in a program organized by the Central Investigation Agency on Sunday as part of the International Day Against Drugs and Trafficking. Speaking at the event, the actor questioned why celebrities are being targeted as ‘drug addicts’.

“Ek galti kardo do chor hai, dakyit hai. Nahi Main 30 Sal Se Industry May Hoom Aur 300 Dost Hay Mere Jinhone Zindagi Mae Kuch Kia Nahi Hai (Make a mistake, you are known as thieves and bandits. I have been part of this industry for 30 years and have many friends. . The gateway, as you say, but that gateway should stand there, ”said Sunil.

Talking about how drug-related cases involving Bollywood celebrities are being promoted, the actor said people in the film industry are not ‘druggies’. The hashtags ‘Bollywood Exclusion’ and ‘Bollywood Drugs’ made it clear that there is no reality on the social networking sites.

“No, Bollywood is not full of drugs. GALTIAN HUM KARTHE HYM, UNHAM BHI BACHONE KI DARA DEHK MAF KIZIAGA (We make mistakes, we see them as children and forgive such mistakes). A hashtag called ‘Boycott Bollywood’, a hashtag called ‘Bollywood Drugs’ Aisa Hai Nahi (these are not true), “said Sunil.

Actor Siddhant Kapoor was arrested on charges of consuming drugs at a party in Bangalore in June. He was later granted bail.

In October 2021, the son of actor Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan Khan was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). He was held in custody for nearly a month before being granted bail. In May, Aryan was given a clean chit after the NCB filed a charge sheet after he was not named as one of the accused.

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