Summer food essentials: Healthy road trip snacks | Health

Road trips can be very fun but the burning heat can be tricky because it can take a toll on our health and snacks play a very important role throughout the entire journey to the destination as told by a mix of savory and sweet. Ready to eat snacks and refreshing drinks but these options should also coincide with our good health that will ensure a smooth journey. Healthy road trip snacks are essential because it will affect your entire trip.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Fab’s chief nutritionist and co-founder Gayatri Chona shared, “When you plan a road trip, you get plenty of snacks by default and write down all the local dishes you want to explore, which is exciting but not really ideal when traveling. It is the last thing you would expect on a road trip.

He said, “So in addition to packing your savory snacks, you can try to add on-the-go snacks such as dry fruits, energy bars and protein cookies. Similarly, it is important to stay hydrated and away from sugar colas. Instead, bring plenty of water and low sugar drinks like coconut water and lemon juice. Not only are these snacks lighter, but they are also high in fiber, helping you stay full longer.

Now that we have seen a sudden rise in temperature, most of us are trying to eat something that hydrates our body and replenishes nutrients. According to Jamana Mahajan, co-founder of Satvik Foods, “If you are going on a road trip, you can add buttermilk to your snack because it has probiotics that will ease you in the burning heat and prevent you. Dehydration. You can go ahead and add jeera buttermilk masala to your buttermilk to enhance its taste and nutritional value.

He recommended, “If you’re someone like us, who wants to eat something quick before going out with friends and family on road trips, then you can add almond peanut butter or chocolate almond butter to your smoothies – this homemade butter adds extra flavor to your fruit smoothies and is a premium almond boost Acting as insulators.

Dolly Kumar, founder of Gaya, suggested, “Road trip snacks in the summer months should be light, fun and energizing and keep you hydrated. Chocolate and muesli granola bars can be a great substitute for those sugary chocolates when choosing a healthy option. Instead of chips, you can eat a range of sunflower seeds or flax seeds and a very filling and nutritious blend of nuts.

He said, “Fresh fruits like oranges, apples, grapes and watermelon are a great way to beat the heat. They are nutritious and help you stay hydrated. An interesting way to stay hydrated without calories for your road trip is to mix some fat-free mocktails, such as a pink punch made with rose infusion tea or a power packed green tea smoothie with a refreshing green tea leaf caddy. These are undoubtedly better than those unhealthy fizzy drinks.

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