Student celebrates birthday with differently abled ‘friend’ who waves at him on way to college

When it comes to birthdays, there are many ways to celebrate, and while receiving gifts may be the norm, some celebrate the special day by brightening the days of others. Something similar happened when a student decided to celebrate his birthday with a stranger – a man of different abilities whom he often meets on his way to college. A video of their warm interaction made everyone feel cheerful on the internet.

As Vihyas, from Kannur in Kerala, turned 20 earlier this week, his friends had several plans for him. But perhaps the most special was what his best friend, Medula Madhu, had planned, who took him to meet Pavan (Shinto), who is standing on his balcony and looking at the people in the street. His face lights up when we wave to him. The young man wrote, usually, his vision is the most important of our day.

Armed with a small cake in hand, though the two students weren’t sure which apartment the 22-year-old lived in, the duo tried to knock on some doors before meeting him. They weren’t sure if Pavan would recognize them. But when they finally reached his doorstep, he was overjoyed. A video shared by Vihayas on Instagram showed that Pavan and his mother rejoice with this kind gesture.

“He was so happy to see us. He couldn’t speak but that didn’t stop us from bonding with him,” read the post accompanying Reel’s video. Pavan is seen wishing Vihayas a happy birthday in his own way and feeding him cake with the help of his mother. The trio also clicked pictures to celebrate their new friendship. “Our hearts melted when his mother told us that he always refers to the words ‘Anna’ (brother) and ‘Akka’ (sister) whenever he sees us.”

Speaking to, Phiyas, a psychology student at the University of Yenipoya in Mangaluru, Karnataka, explained that waving at Pavan on the way to college has become nice weather every day. “It wasn’t a ritual for very long,” he said over the phone. “But it was something that always brought a lot of joy to both Merdola and me.” “On my birthday while we were coming back from college, she suddenly said she was planning to celebrate my birthday with him, but we didn’t even know his name at the time,” he said with a laugh.

It was a challenge finding the right apartment and kind of awkward knocking on strangers’ doors, Phhias said, adding that seeing their “balcony friend” was worth it. “I can’t put into words how moved we were to hear him refer to us as his brother and sister whenever we noticed, knowing that made it all worth it,” he said.

When asked if they plan to visit him again, Phiyas said they definitely want to interact more with Pavan in the future. Although they didn’t expect the video to attract much attention, he said the interaction was “too cool not to share”.

The touching video left a lot of emotions.

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