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A temporary shed and handpump have been installed after reports of children sitting in a sunburn at a government school in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Moradabad Principal Buddhapriya Singh said, “We have taken immediate steps to inform the students about the situation,” news agency ANI reported. Singh said water and room were arranged.

“There is no problem sitting under the sun now but since we don’t have a building there, we have requested the municipality to provide a municipal space about 600 meters away from the school so we can establish a school there,” the ANI quoted. Official as stated.

“At the local level, we have made all the arrangements and promised that no student will have to sit under the sun,” Singh said.

On Tuesday, the ANI reported that children were forced to sit in the sun in the sun for lack of facilities at the primary government school in Jayantipur, Moradabad district. Teachers said there are more students than students in the boarding school.

“We try to get the students to sit in the shade as directed by the sun. We have fans inside the classroom, but it gets very hot and there is darkness, ”the teachers added, as quoted by ANI.

Singh then said that the school does not have its own building and the land will be allotted by the administration. Admitting that the school was run on the premises of the temple, he assured that the administration would take action to solve the problem.

(With ANI inputs)

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