State sees marignal dip in Covid-19 cases at 2,992, TPR stands at 7.7% | Mumbai news

MUMBAI: Maharashtra recorded 3,081 infections on Saturday, up from 2,922 on Friday, with a total of 2,922 cases. One death was reported Saturday in the state. Mumbai occupies the majority of the total 1,745 cases, which is less than what was reported on 1,956 infections on Friday. The state’s test positiveness rate (TPR) fell from 7.54% on Friday to 7.07% on Saturday.

“There is no need to panic,” state surveillance officer Dr Pradeep said. “Most of these cases are from the Omicron mutation, leading to a third wave.

“The vast majority of the population has taken the vaccine and many have also received herd immunity, thus undermining the virus,” he said.

Dr. Eshwar Gilada, General Secretary of the Organized Medicine Academic Guild, acknowledged this view. “COVID-19 is taking the form of a very mild influenza virus. Now the cases are largely asymptomatic and people are isolated at home, ”Dr Gilada said.

So far, 79,07,631 cases have been reported in Maharashtra, with the death toll reaching 1,47,868. Mumbai has reported 10,78,022 cases so far, with the death toll rising to 19,571.

The number of active cases in the state was 14,858, followed by Mumbai with 10,047, followed by Thane (2,460) and Pune (1,018).

The death toll has now reached 1,47,868, followed by Pune with 20,545 deaths, followed by Mumbai (19,571) and Thane (11,919).

Meanwhile, State School Education Minister Varsha Gayakwad reiterated on Saturday that before schools can be reopened, all schools should adhere to Kovid-appropriate behavior and encourage staff to take preventive measures. For the first time in two years, schools will reopen for the new academic year with full staff and students.

On June 10, the circular notified all schools in the state on June 13 (excluding schools reopening on June 27). The circular states that “all staff members should be fully vaccinated and encouraged to choose a booster dose.

“Schools must adhere to all Kovid appropriate behavior and that includes checking students’ temperatures during school admission. If anyone has high temperatures, the school should inform parents and opt for quick antigen tests for other students who are in close contact, ”the circular adds.

Similarly, the Minister of State Higher Education Uday Samant called for the resumption of colleges in a phased manner only for fully vaccinated staff and students. All institutions were asked to adopt a hybrid teaching method until further updates.

While schools are already following basic precautions such as sanitation and temperature checks, many are worried that social distance on campus will be difficult to follow. “We try to avoid large student gatherings anywhere on campus, but we can’t guarantee that, especially at state schools where there are a large number of students,” said the principal of the Bandra State Board of School.

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