Srikanth anna was distraught… It was painful to see him cry, Satwik after final loss vs Malaysia

The loss of the gold medal in the face by a malaysian team celebrating so hard may be the catalyst for a renewed focus for four of India’s Thomas Cup winners, who hummed 3-1 at the National Exhibition Center arena in the CWG mixed team on Tuesday. ultimate.

Satwixiraj Rankiridi later said he had never seen Kidambi Srikanth cry in his life, like when he blamed the latter for India’s loss, a foul-filled third set to Ng Tze Young, which led to India trailing 2-1 in the final. Earlier, Satwik and Chirag Shetty also lost to Aaron Chia – Wooi Soh 21-18, 21-15, prompting Satwik to share the blame for India’s inability to defend this title.

“Srikanth Anna was so dazed. But not only his fault though he blames himself. I even lost a match,” Satwick said, for having loopholes that cost India gold after losing 19-21, 21-6, 21-16.

Srikanth Kidambi India’s Srikanth Namalwar Kidambi leaves the field after losing his men’s singles badminton match to Malaysian Mas Tze Young Ng at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022. (AP Photo/Rui Vieira)

Later PV Sindhu reported that India had identified in the men’s singles a possible win for Srikanth giving them a two-point boost from the singles. While two losses to the triples speeded up the process, India was facing a very strong Malaysian doubles unit, always unfinished in the 2-3 singles-evens points division.

There were those who thought Lakshya Sen could have played instead – and it would have been a bold call. But Eng is on fire, and the way the younger Indian shuttle driver would have responded is still hypothetical, as the pair are still in doubt and there are no guarantees on these points. For Satwick, what was quite clear was that just like the Thomas Cup was a combined success, this was a collective setback. Fail, frankly, given that Satwick didn’t hold back from calling it that.

Perhaps the greatest that can be gleaned from this silver is how the exposed transport workers of India viewed this as a failure rather than ignoring the day of the poor, and accepting the silver.

“Gayatri and Trisa were very disappointed after their loss and Trisa cried too. I am glad the pain was there. It really motivated us, especially Chirag and Srikanth Anna. This is not the end for us and maybe the heavy losses will push us to greater results. Maybe Srikanth will win the gold At the World Championships! Every day is the first day,” Satwick said.

Satwick Siraj Rankiridi and Chandrasekhar Shetty, India’s Satwick Saraj Rankiridi and India’s Chandrashekhar Shetty, right, talk during a badminton doubles match against Malaysia’s Arun Chea Teng Fong and Malaysia’s Soh Wei Yek at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2022. (AP Photo/Roy Vieira)

Satwik has a set of superstitions, among which is that he refuses to watch Srikanth’s play, because it causes him to worry. “Actually any Indian athlete. This morning I couldn’t watch a weightlifting girl. It’s very easy to play your own match in comparison. I came out when Srikanth Anna started, but I could still hear the score on the big screen TV so I put on loud music. It was very annoying Then it was painful to watch him cry,” he would say frankly as he admitted he was one right chicken, as a fan.

As such, the 18-15 lead in the opening had the Indian pairing disastrously failing, the momentum acknowledged, and they never found their way out. The Malaysians, battered by the 2018 CWG Group loss and Thomas Cup quarter-topping, came with a definite advantage and a point to prove. Although PV Sindhu won her match 22-20, 21-17 – after 19 sag – in straight sets against Goh Jin Wei, the two losses left up small margins for the women’s and mixed doubles.

“I definitely wanted to win the gold. We were playing as a strong team, and we needed to be consistent. I really wanted to contribute one point to India’s victory. It’s been a while since I lost the team match, but unfortunately I couldn’t win today,” Srikanth said. Later.

At 9-8 in the third set, after a typical slow start in Srikanth and the subsequent rise to the level groups, the 29-year-old struck a Malaysian backhand. When he was under the pump, Srikanth simply couldn’t stop his mistakes, and to make it worse for him that the Malaysian was riding a wave of confidence, drawing vociferous support. India hardly had any fans in the arena, and lethargy reflected on the stadiums.

Coach Matthias Poe was in the media front categorically that no one was happy with the silver medal. “I hope there will be a little more anger from people for the response at the single event now. The thirst for gold will increase in the coming days. They need to absorb this,” he added.

There was consensus that the Indians were sorely lacking in consistency, made amateur mistakes, and the Malays held their nerve better. He urged “calm a little”. And more rage to make a well-revised saying: Lose some, win many, up to five golds you’ll get in the coming days.

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