‘Squid Game’ Doll’s Boyfriend Creeps Twitter Out as Show Greenlit for Season 2

Squid, which was a smash hit on Netflix last year, has officially gone green for its second season. Netflix has released a brief teaser for the show along with a number of hints about what’s to come. These include Ji Hoon’s return, Frontman’s return, the possible return of the man in the suit with Dakji and the only detail that immediately catches your eye: You might recognize Young Hee’s friend, Chul Soo. . Young-hee is the name of the marionette from Squid Game, enough to give creep to the best of us and is responsible for the red-green light-up game.

It’s safe to say that Squid fans have crawled (and confused) up front with the announcement of Cheol-su. As if one scary doll wasn’t enough?

The statements were announced in a note from the director, writer, and executive producer of Squid Game, Hwang Dong Hyuk. The note also states that it took 12 years for the show to come out, but only 12 days for it to become the most popular Netflix series of all time.

Speaking of the doll, South Korean sensation, Park Jae-sang, popularly known as Psy, has decided to enter the new decade with fanfare. After a long hiatus of five years, the singer decided to release the latest addition to his musical work titled PSY 9th.

The new album also consists of a track featuring SUGA from BTS. The track produced by SUGA is titled That. Turns out, SUGA’s introduction of a verse in the song was no surprise and
Young-hee was scheduled to appear in the music video but was later removed from the final clip. Sharing behind-the-scenes moments, Psy was seen wearing the same clothes and hairstyle as Young-hee and playing on a pool table.

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