Spain’s campaign celebrating female beach bodies has irked three British women; here’s why

Spanish government The latest campaign shows women’s bodies With different shapes, sizes, and age groups—to push a message of body positivity and inclusivity on the beach—it appears to have sunk into controversy, with a few women coming forward to claim they became part of the campaign without them. knowledge or permission.

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last week, The Spanish Ministry of Equality has been launched The aforementioned summer campaign to encourage women to reject “stereotypes” and “aesthetic violence”. This was done to challenge the social pressure faced by many women who feel compelled to conform to certain beauty standards.

spanish ministry of equality spanish campaign beach bodies body image body positivity summer bodies spain beach bodies campaign indian express news A woman plays a ball during a soccer match on the beach in Barcelona, ​​Spain. (AP Photo/Francisco Seco)

While the campaign was largely greeted as progressive and timely — what does it have, including images of different body types, all worthy of being flaunted on the beach — it quickly turned into a problem when some women, especially women of color, came forward to claim their . The images were used in the advertisement without their consent.

according to BBC Report, Juliet Fitzpatrick – a cancer survivor, had Mastectomy – She claimed that one of the women in the ad was based on it. The 60-year-old said the face of a woman who underwent a mastectomy could depend on one of her photographs. She told the outlet that the body on the poster, however, was not hers, because the woman had one breast removed, while Fitzpatrick had two mastectomy.

Fitzpatrick said to BBC That what happened “appears to be completely different” from the campaign theme. “For me it’s about how my body is used and represented without my permission.”

Interestingly, British photographer Amy Barwell – who clicked a black and white photo of Fitzpatrick showing off his surgery scars – told the outlet that the body in the poster may have been inspired by one of her other images of a woman. “I think the person who created the art went through my gallery and put it together,” Barwell was quoted as saying, adding, “But without any explanation from the artist I can’t be absolutely certain.”

According to the report, the campaign maker, Arte Mapache, apologized for using these images without permission, but two other women who came forward to make similar claims said otherwise. Among them are plus-size model Naomi Nicholas Williams and Sian Green Lord, who has a prosthetic leg, which is edited!

Nicholas Williams wrote a lengthy social media post stating that she was “not going to be silent about this” and that she was “not even sorry”. “So the Spanish government can only apologize to Juliet who is a white woman. But obviously Cian and I don’t get one? Mmm ok! They also said in their ‘statement’ that they reached out to us all, and they didn’t.”

Green-Lord also took to Instagram to write how she feels “very sad” about the situation. Sharing the original photo, she wrote, “This picture no longer represents me spending quality time with my hen friends…Now this picture makes me so sad!”

“Since I found out last Friday what was done with my picture, my confidence has been low all the time with anxiety high! My usual self-stimulation tactics are letting me down and now I’m in a weird place!” She continued, “My legs aren’t ashamed of them! It’s the product of strength, flexibility and independence” .

for every BBC In the report, Arte Mapache’s apology note stated, “Because of the controversy – justified – over the image rights in the illustration, I have decided that the best way to compensate for the damages that may have been caused by my actions is to share the money received for the work and give equal parts to the people in the poster I hope to be able to resolve all of this as soon as possible, accept my mistakes and that is why I am now trying to repair the damage that has been done.”

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