Sonnalli Seygall reveals how Nawazuddin Siddiqui surprised her on the sets

Actor Sonnalli Segal, who made his way into the hearts of audiences with the film ‘Paar Ka Panchnama’, will be co-starring with Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Nupur Sanon in the upcoming film Noorani Chehre. In a chat with Hindustan Times, Sonnalli recalled his special memory with Nawaz from the sets. Also Read: Nawazuddin Siddiqui took the lead role in the American film Laxman Lopez, saying, “This is a welcome challenge that I yearn for.”

Sonny HT said to HT, “I have a deep connection to food, as anyone I know, I have a love of food from an early age. I eat well and I work. I do not trust too many people. Call me a dietitian. I am essentially an eater. The right food to eat at home. ”

“So, it happened. We were shooting for Noorani Chehre in a very remote area of ​​Greater Noida and a lot of food was a problem. On the first day alone, I tried to order from my phone but there was no network. “So I thought I should take it from the hotel. Nawaz heard it and said nothing,” she continued.

“The next day, at lunch, his staff got me a whole thali of home-cooked food. There is always a boy with him. His mother cooks him with ka desi ghee and all the fresh ingredients. All the food is like freshly prepared dal, bhat and paneer. I was startled and he said to me, “I have the right khana khana chahi. To Bahr Ka Aap Kitna Khao? (“One must eat food properly. How many days do you survive takeouts?” “I remember eating too much that day.

(Also read: Nawazuddin Siddiqui played a major role in the American film Laxman Lopez, saying, “This is a welcome challenge that I yearn for.”

Asked to describe his experience working with Nawazuddin, he said, “This is a film that is close to my heart. . “

Sonnally, Nawazuddin and Nupur completed the shoot of Noorani Chehre earlier this month. Directed by Navaneet Singh, it is said to be a ‘quirky love story’ with a social message about beauty standards.

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