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A dedicated fitness enthusiast, Sonnalli Segal took to her Instagram profile a day ago and shared her insights on women’s fitness. The actor swears by yoga and high intensity workouts and is usually spotted at his gym or in the lush valleys of Rishikesh engrossed in his yoga routine. Sonnalli’s Instagram profile is filled with snippets of her workout diaries and each one is giving us the push we need to leave our beds and run to the gym in the morning. Sonnalli believes in focusing her dedication and hard work in her workout routine and never misses a day of working out by herself.

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However, when it comes to women’s fitness, there seem to be a lot of myths floating around that are untenable. From eating post-workout to bulking up, there are a lot of myths that aren’t addressed and we don’t know what to believe. So, Sonalli chose to debunk some myths related to women’s fitness with reality checks on her Instagram profile. Here’s a look at the myths and facts:

myth: Strength training causes a woman to bulk up

the truth: To gain bulky masculine muscles, a woman must supplement with testosterone and consume more calories than she burns.

myth: You should not eat immediately after a workout

the truth: After a workout, the body needs nutrients to heal and strengthen itself. Therefore, it should not be deprived of nutrition.

myth: You can go into training without working on your weak areas

the truth: It is important to focus on the weak areas first to improve the overall fitness level of the body.

myth: You only need to do cardio to lose weight

the truth: “Cardio is usually the first thing that pops into your mind when you want to lose weight, the best game plan is a combination of cardio and strength training depending on your goals,” read an excerpt from Sonnalli’s post.

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