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Soha Ali Khan is our fitness favourite. The actor, who is an absolute inspiration when it comes to fitness, shared a fresh clip from his workout diaries on his Instagram profile a day ago and made us smile. Soha’s fitness mantra is short and simple – she believes in focusing her dedication and hard work in her workout routine. From high intensity workouts to military level workouts, Soha leaves no stone unturned in achieving her desired fitness level. Soha is known for working out anywhere and anytime. From turning her living room into her gym arena, to turning her stairwell into her zone to perform squats, Soha’s workout routines are inspiring and motivating. Some of Soha’s workouts are not for the faint of heart — especially the military-level workouts.

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Soha, a day ago, gave us new fitness goals with a short video showcasing high intensity workouts. The actor, earlier in the week, chose to get back to the basics of fitness with a range of exercises. The actor, in the video, is seen starting his day with incline dumbbell rows and slowly moving on to other workouts. In the later part of the video, Soha is seen slowly moving sideways with her legs against the glass door. In one part of the video, Soha can also be seen doing pushups with her legs raised above her knee level. “Back to Basics,” Soha simply captioned her video. Check out her fitness routine here:

Soha’s workout video features a variety of workout routines that bring health benefits. Incline dumbbell rows are known to work the upper back, biceps, and rear shoulders. Pushups, on the other hand, help burn calories, improve balance and flexibility, and protect the shoulders and lower back. Handstand helps improve bowel movements and strengthen the body’s immunity.

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