Smriti Irani slams Rahul over disruptions in Parliament: ‘Unproductive’ | Latest News India

Union Minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday took Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to task over the disruptions in Parliament during the Monsoon session. Calling him “politically unproductive”, the Union minister said, “He is adamant in reducing the productivity of the Lok Sabha”.

Addressing a press conference, Irani said, “Rahul Gandhi never asks a question, always disrespects the proceedings of Parliament and has less than 40 percent attendance in Parliament.”

“Today, a person who is politically unproductive is devoting himself to ensuring that there is no debate in Parliament,” he said.

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“Gentlemen who have not proposed a private member’s bill in Parliament in their parliamentary journey, once again want to ensure a healthy, productive debate, no debate in Parliament,” the minister remarked.

The Union Minister said that Rahul Gandhi’s entire political history has been characterized by disrespect for parliamentary procedure and constitutional methods of engagement.

The opposition has been protesting in Parliament over GST price hike, inflation, fire road project among other issues – due to which both houses have been adjourned.

On Tuesday morning, the second day of the monsoon session, Rahul Gandhi took part in an opposition protest against price hike in front of the Gandhi statue in Parliament. In a video tweeted by Srinivas BV of the Indian Youth Congress, opposition leaders, including Gandhi, held a large banner saying: “High inflation, constant price hikes are affecting common citizens badly” and shouted slogans, calling on the government to reduce prices. needs.

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On the first day of the Monsoon session, there was a lot of commotion and confusion in both the Houses. The Monsoon Session of Parliament began on July 18 and will continue till August 12. 18 sessions will be held in the session.

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