Slippers under ₹500 rank high on comfort and style

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Your daily slippers should be comfortable and stylish to wear.

Slippers are a comfortable dress everyday. If one has one’s way, they’ll probably wear a humble pair of slippers to each place – be it a party or a family event. When looking for a pair of slippers, most of us look for the comfort factor. However, it is always best to invest in a pair of stylish slippers that can be worn when one goes out for work or casual outings. Durability is another important aspect that one should look for in a pair of slippers. In addition, we can all agree that one pair of slippers is never enough. It’s always a cool idea to have variety in different colors and styles.

To make searching easier for you, we’ve navigated the list of options online to complete the best ones. Below you will find our list of slippers that rank high on comfort, durability and style factors. And what’s more they all come under the price tag 500. Scroll down to see the options.

Drunk slippers
This pair of slippers has a sol made of ethylene vinyl acetate. It has a slip-on closure and a medium shoe width. A comfortable and durable pair of slippers, its soles are designed to absorb shocks caused by walking on hard surfaces. It’s a lightweight pair and perfect for all seasons. Easy to wear and stylish, it makes for a lively addition to your collection.


Drunken Slipper Massage Fashion Slides For Women Flip Flops Open Toe Non Slip Green – 3-4 UK




Doctor House Slipper
Simple and elegant, this pair of slippers has a durable and anti-skid sole. Wearing these slippers is extremely easy and provides long lasting comfort. The rubber grip ensures that you do not roll over. Doctors recommend it for those who have healed cracks or have a problem with their knees. For best comfort, choose this pair. It is also available in three colors.


Doctor Extra Soft House Slipper For Women Ortho Care | Diabetes | Acupressure | Comfortable | MCR | D-20 for Flip-Flop Ladies and Girls Home Slides for everyday use




United Colors of Benetton Flip-Flops
This pair of United Colors of Benetton is perfect for casual and everyday wear. It is made of ethylene vinyl acetate material, which is durable and comfortable to wear for a long time. It looks elegant and attractive and is also available in a variety of colors. You can wear these slippers when going to work or on occasional trips.


United Colors of Benetton Men’s Core SS 15 Lime and Blue Flip-Flops and House Slippers – 8 UK / India (42 EU) (15P8CFFCR005I)




Beyonc ಫ್ Flip Flops
These pair of flip flops for women come in two packs. It has a rubber sole and pull-on closure. Its shoe width is ideal for medium and casual wear. Easy to wear and comfortable, the outer material of these slippers is made of synthetic. It has an open toe and makes for a cool addition to one’s footwear collection.


BEONZA Women’s Combo Pack of 6 Pair White and Black Flip-Flop Slides




Amazon Brand – Flip flop sign
These pair of flip flops from the Amazon brand have medium shoe width. The Stylish-Look Pair is an easy breeze with a slip-on closure. Designed for women, these slippers can feel the highest level of comfort. Available in plenty of pink, this makes for a wonderful addition to one’s collection. It has a T-strap and can be worn on a daily basis.


Amazon Brand – Symbol Women’s Maroon Flip Flop-5 UK




The price of slippers at a glance:

Slippers Price
Drunk slippers 349.00
Doctor House Slipper 375.00
United Colors of Benetton Flip-Flops 326.00 – 449.00
Beyonc ಫ್ Flip Flops 399.00
Amazon Brand – Flip flop sign 389.00

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