Single-use plastic ban in India kicks in: Here are some alternatives you can use

The ban single use plastic, Effective July 1, 2022, it states that single-use plastics before they are disposed of or recycled, such as ear pads, cigarette packets, candy boxes, candy and ice cream sticks, and PVC banners under 100 microns, are eliminated.

Reports say that the industry which includes manufacturing, importing, storing, distributing, selling and using single-use plastics is worth Rs 10,000 crore.

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According to a statement from the Press Information Bureau, “Selected single-use plastics have low utility and high potential for garbage disposal.”

Deepak Aggarwal, the Textile Federation of India (NWFI), which manufactures non-woven fabrics and bags, industrial yarn and narrow woven tapes, said, That plastic ‘flies through the air and chokes drains causing a lot of civilians and environmental issuesA thick plastic bag or a non-woven bag solves these problems. The carbon footprint is lower compared to paper bags. It supports green initiative where trees are not cut down to achieve this. Its carrying capacity is much higher, so fewer bags are required to do the same tasks. Its reusability is high. It is also easier to recycle due to its weight and size.”

Stop using plastic bags (Source: Express Photo by Praveen Khanna)

In order to implement the ban in phases, state governments will start an enforcement campaign and shut down units involved in the production, distribution, storage and sale of such items, the union environment ministry said recently.

Notably, the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change was notified of the amendment of the plastic waste management rules, 2021, in August last year.

Despite being lightweight, versatile, durable and ubiquitous in our daily lives, plastic is increasingly seen as a challenge to animals, marine life and future generations.

To combat single-use plastic pollution, here are some alternatives that you can use in your daily life.

According to MyGovIndia, there are some alternatives

single use plastic Pick some better alternatives (Source: Express Photo by Praveen Khanna)

* jute bags
*Khadi bags
* Bamboo straw and cutlery for eating
*cloth bags
* Use steel boxes instead of thin plastic boxes
* Dispose of plastic ice cream containers. Choose cones or bricks that can be easily consumed.

* Use fresh foods instead of frozen foods that contain plastic bottles.
* Use steel or copper bottles instead of plastic water bottles.

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