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Former Punjab Congress chief Navjot Singh Sidhu, who surrendered before the Patiala court on Friday in connection with the 1988 road rage case, is expected to make a living. 40 from He was sentenced by the Supreme Court to one year’s imprisonment of Rs. In the same jail, Shiromani legionary leader Bikram Singh Majithia is also in jail for drug dealing. However, their barracks are different.

A prison official told Hindustan Times that Sidhu left his dinner on Friday saying he had lunch. But he took some medicine. “He is very enthusiastic and cooperating.

Sidhu is sentenced to rigorous imprisonment so he has to work like a prison manual. However, they are trained for the first three months. According to the prison manual, an unskilled inmate gets 40 per day and skilled 60 per day

On Friday, Sidhu sought some time in the Supreme Court before he surrendered because he wanted to organize his medical affairs. Shortly after 4 pm, Sidhu surrendered before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Amit Mulhan, who signed a warrant and ordered him to be sent to jail. He was taken to the Mata Skills Hospital for a compulsory medical examination and then sent to a barrack assigned to him.

As reported by news agency PTI, Sidhu’s media advisor, Surinder Dalla, said Sidhu was suffering from medical conditions such as embolism and had liver disease.

In 2015, Sidhu underwent treatment for acute deep vein thrombosis at a hospital in Delhi. Because of the condition of deep vein thrombosis, Sidhu has to wear large plastic bands to his legs so that there is no clot, and Sidhu has to take various medications every day due to his health problems. Sidhu has been advised to stay away from foods that contain wheat flour, his media advisors said.

The Road Rage case dates back to 1988, when Sidhu shot Gurnam Singh by his hand and caused him to die. Sidhu and Rupinder Singh Sandhu, who were with Sidhu in 1999, were acquitted for lack of evidence. The victims were later sentenced to three years in the Punjab and Haryana High Court after Sidhu was convicted in 2006.

Sidhu, who pleaded guilty in 2018 to ‘voluntarily causing pain’, challenged the order in the Supreme Court but let him go with a fine. 1,000. Gurnam Singh’s family has sought reconsideration of the verdict and the Supreme Court on Thursday sentenced Sidhu to one year rigorous imprisonment. The Supreme Court has held that any improper sympathy in imposing inadequate punishment will do much damage to the justice system and undermine public confidence in the effectiveness of the law.

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