Sidhu Moosewala murder case: Delhi police arrest ‘two shooters, one aide’ from Gujarat

Delhi Police have arrested three people – two shooters and an accomplice – for the alleged murder of Punjabi singer Seydu Musiwala last month.

Police said the suspects were arrested on June 19 in Koç, where they had rented an apartment to hide. The team also found several hand grenades, pistols and advanced cartridges from a hideout in a siege.

Special cell teams are already interrogating imprisoned gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi, Kala Rana and Kala Gathde in the murder case. Musiwala was shot dead in Mansa last month. Canada gangster Goldie Prair and the Bishnoi gang have taken responsibility for the murder on social media.

Police said on Monday that one of the main suspects, Priyafrat, 26, had been arrested. Special Commissioner of Police HS Dhaliwal said Priyavrat is the lead shooter and the head of the unit that shot Moosewala. He was in contact with Goldie Prair at the time of the shooting.

Dhaliwal said, “We identified six of the shooters. Two units were involved in the murder. One was in a Bolero car that was driven by Kechich. The other was in a Corolla where the assailants Jagdeep Ropa and Manpreet Manu were traveling.”

According to the police, Manu allegedly fired the first shot at Musiwala’s car, causing him to stop. From the other side, the shooters came in the bolero and shot the singer.

Priyafrat is allegedly involved in two other murder cases; Arrested in 2015 in the Sonipat case and wanted in another Sonipat murder case in 2021,” said a senior police officer.

The second person is Kechiche, 24, a resident of the village of Jajar. He is also wanted in a murder case.

“The shooters can be seen in the CCTV footage obtained from the petrol pump near the location. The footage is from Fateh Garh and was spotted just before the accident,” said one of the officers.

The third accused, Keshav Kumar, had received gunfire after the shooting and murder. The men got into the Alto’s car and drove to different hideouts. Police said Kumar escorted them (the shooters) to Mansa on the day of the accident.

According to the police, Keshav was previously arrested in the Patinda murder case in 2020 and is also suspected of being involved in other extortion cases in Punjab.

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