Siddhanth Kapoor refused to show rock star doing drugs in film, reveals director

Actor Siddhant Kapoor was arrested in Bangalore on Monday for allegedly drugging a party. He has now been released on bail. Writer-director Sarim Momin, who directed Siddhant in two unreleased films, said Siddhant had no role in the news of his drug overdose. Read More | From Siddhant Kapoor to Aryan Khan and Riya Chakraborty: Celebrities Questioned on Drugs

Surprised at his arrest for drug abuse, Sarim described Siddhant as a ‘complete gentleman’. Sarim also recalled Siddhant’s refusal to show his character using drugs to stop the wrong message from being sent to the audience.

He told ETimes, “I was discussing a character with him once (I played him for that) and we were brainstorming about the character. The character should be a rock star who is known for being ‘high.’ .

Sarim said, “As a director, I haven’t experienced anything that I read about Siddhant today. He is the most professional and complete gentleman I know.” Sarim has directed Siddhant in the Qabiz featuring Tanisha Mukherjee and Bharat Dhabolkar and another film ASEQ, starring Vardhan Puri, Sonnally Sehgal and Adi Chugh.

Bangalore police said on Monday that Siddhant’s drugs were confirmed and positive in the blood test report. However, Siddhant’s father, Shakti Kapoor, could not believe the reports and told HT City soon after the news of his arrest, “Yes, he is a DJ (disco jockey) and he plays at parties and he is in Bangalore. For. I have no idea where all these reports come from. I will talk to my son soon and know the details. But I know this can’t be true.

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