SI, aides booked in Delhi for trying to extort lakhs from businessman in judicial custody

The Delhi Police Vigilance Department has registered a case against an assistant inspector and his associates for allegedly operating an extortion racket. The matter was revealed when a Delhi-based businessman, who is in judicial custody, wrote to the Delhi Police Commissioner saying that he was receiving threats from the Deputy Inspector and his officers demanding Rs 15,000.

The FIR was filed against the sub-inspector last month under sections of the Corruption Prevention Act. In his letter to the commissioner, the businessman said he was facing harassment in prison because of the assistant inspector and two of his assistants (also policemen).

“The aforementioned ASI (now SI) currently published in North Rohini… has been harassing me (the complainant) demanding illegal reward/bribe and threatening to falsely implicate me in false criminal cases, if his illegal demands are not met… I specifically mentioned In my previous complaints that ASI (Name) and ASI (Name) were constantly calling me, demanding illegal reward and threatening me that they would link me with criminals and falsely implicating me… I also recorded their calls where they demanded from me for an illegal reward/bribe of 15,00,000 Rs on 16.02.2021 and I had lodged complaints against them before senior officials of Delhi Police and CBI on 17.02.2021” FIR reads in the case.

The complainant alleged that the accused police officers were falsely implicating him in a case using his old disclosure statement recording and later demanded the sum of Rs 50,000. “It is a matter of investigation that an organized crime extortion syndicate is run by officials who serve in the Delhi Police…they are the leaders of the syndicate. It is my humble request that you register my case against (police officers) to run an organized crime racketeering gang by falsely implicating myself and many others in criminal cases. false,” the FIR said.

After the commissioner received the letter, an investigation was launched by the vigilance department in March of this year. Police said they have analyzed the complaint, audio recordings made by the complainant, and the availability of CCTV footage and other evidence. Police said an ACP-level officer is conducting an investigation.

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