Shekhar Suman: Comedy today is about doing anything stupid, roasting people about their body, colour

Shekhar Suman has commented on how much the genre of comedy has changed so far. And that’s for the worse, he says.

He says things today, judging by comedy shows and movies, only to make people laugh anyway. “Do something stupid, stupid, woman, dog, whatever! But this is the purpose of humor or humor. It’s a deeper thing. You sometimes say bitter or truthful things in a light vein. The 59-year-old shares a part of hit comedy shows like Dek Bhai Dekh, Comedy Circus, The Great, Indian Laughter Challenge, among others.

He says the humor has fallen to a ‘pedestrian’ level, where people are humiliated to raise a laugh. “It’s not just about frying it or about their color, height, body shape. There are so many ways to make it happy and do it, ”says Suman.

It is acceptable to pull one’s leg, but it is not acceptable to insult them. The actor says, “I can’t finish you. Humor is like bungee jumping today, it has gone to full swing. There was a shortage of entertainers … they weren’t well educated or uneducated, which is why they were turning in the loop, doing the same thing.

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