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There is nothing wrong with calling Ravi Shastri a colorful personality. Since his playing days, Shastri has been a hard worker and a firm believer in the party’s hard-core principle. The fact that Shastri has not changed much over the years has made him a favorite of social networking sites. India’s former head coach on Friday captivated fans with his colorful tweets and unusual captions.

In his three photo tweets on Friday afternoon, Shastri used capricious and captivating captions to describe his outfit.

“Good morning” is optional if you don’t sleep, ”read Shastri’s first tweet with a photo of him appearing in a pub-like setup.

Shastri’s other two tweets are in the same avatar. Shastri’s tweets have no cricket references but fans have been amused by the get-up of the former India all-rounder.

The comments section of Shastri’s tweets was filled with hilarious comments and memes.

Here are the fan reactions to Ravi Shastri’s latest tweets

Shastri, currently working as a broadcaster in IPL 2022, is engaged in a fun session with renowned Bollywood Aamir Khan.

In a video posted on Star Sports’ social media handles on Thursday, the Bollywood superstar is seen trading with cricket on the rooftop terrace.

While showcasing his skills, Aamir makes a passing comment – “IPL may chance hai ka (am I allowed to appear in IPL)?” He said. His comment was quirky by Shastri. Asked by anchor and commentator Jatin Sapru about Aamir’s cricketing skills, Shastri jokingly said, “Hey Jatin, he’s looking good Nick. Maybe they need to spend a little more time on their walks, but get into more teams.

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