Shane Watson Suggests Joe Root Can Go Closer to Sachin’s Tally of Most Test Runs

Former England captain Joe Root played his first test match against New Zealand at Lords Stadium after giving up his test captain and could not have asked for a better start to the new phase of his career. He put in a superb kick in the winning match at Lords, giving England a win by 5 wickets in the first Test.

The undefeated root century attracted so much attention that many people lavished the former England captain. And now, multi-level Australia founder Shane Watson has paid tribute to the 31-year-old English beater for his brilliant roles.

The former England captain’s horn not only guided his team to victory in the first test, but also helped him with an impressive feat. During his match victory against the kiwi, Root was able to collect 10,000 Test cricket rounds.

Overall, Root became the 14th cricketer to cross the 10,000 mark in Test cricket. Watson believes that in all likelihood, Root will become the leading scorer among current cricketers.

“He’s as good as anyone else to be able to get as close as he can. Sure, he’s got a lot of great cricket ahead of him, so I think he’ll get a lot closer. Just by seeing where Joe Root is now, he’s the youngest with Kane Williamson, at 31 “A year too. These two still have a fair way to go. I think Joe Root will end up at the top. For the other players it depends on how much cricket they keep playing.” Watson told former cricketer Issa Guha on ICC Review.

Coming to the test match, after suffering a batting collapse in the first rounds, the team led by Ken Williamson managed to get back in the game as he scored a total of 285 points in the second rounds and scored a goal of 277 for the hosts. .

England were initially in trouble after the opening hitters returned to the dressing room early. But root (115 not from 170 balls) and captain Ben Stokes (54 from 110 balls) eventually helped England reach the goal.

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