Shah, Yogi see a link: Congress wore black to protest Ram temple day

Federal Home Minister Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath slammed the Congress for protesting on August 5.

Congress chose this day to protest and wore black on Friday because they wanted to give a subtle message to advance their appeasement policies. Because on this very day, Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation for Ram Janmapumi.”

Congress must be accountable and must cooperate (in the Emergency Department investigations into the issue relating to the National Herald) in accordance with the law. He said it was going on…on the basis of the complaints that had been made…everyone should respect the law.

Prime Minister Adityanath also criticized the Congress. Until now, Congress was protesting in plain clothes, but today they are protesting in black. It is an insult to Ram bhakts. The Congress chose this day as today is Ayodhya Diwas which marks the beginning of temple construction at Ram Janmapumi.

Shah said that the construction of the temple is now in full swing. He said that “Congress is conveying its opposition to the construction of the temple and that the issues of price increases and price hikes are only excuses.” He said the Congress, despite being in power for many years since independence, “has done nothing to resolve the conflict while Modi has found a solution to it in a peaceful manner”.

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Congress response. In a tweet on Twitter, AICC Secretary General and Communications Officer Jeram Ramesh said, “The Home Secretary has made a desperate attempt to divert attention, polarize and give a sly touch to today’s democratic protests in INCIndia against price hikes, unemployment and GST. Only a sick mind can produce Such false arguments. It is clear that the protests have hit the country!”

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